Well done, Morgane


…From all of us.

Morgane just ran for the Vancouver School Board in the 2018 Local Election as an independent candidate and got 27,100 votes, the highest ever in Canada for a transgender candidate. Best of all, nobody promising to roll back measures that protect inclusion and diversity got past her in Vancouver, and only a tiny handful were elected in BC - each with less votes than her. That alone is worth celebrating.

If you sign her card with a message, we’ll make sure she recieves it.

Party cat says well done… now get back to work.

Party cat says well done… now get back to work.

Dear Morgane,

Congratulations on your campaign at Vancouver School Board! I was rooting for you.

I’m counting on you to keep advocating for inclusion and equity, so please get back out there and keep up the good work.




Well done, morgane! 27,000 votes is great.

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