Canadian Atlas of Populist Extremism

Hate-based acts of violence have been growing in Canada every year since 2013. The Morgane Oger Foundation is building Canadian Atlas of Populist Extremism (CAPE) to help map it.

CAPE is a software tool built to map the time-based relationships between participants, events, contexts, and space . It helps track the growth of hatred by letting users visualize contexts over time. It lets us see relationships between groups and people and topics as they participate in acts of hatred and discrimination. CAPE will offer tools to map them with other incidents involving hate across Canada.

The Morgane Oger Foundation is looking for volunteers to help put together the Canadian Atlas of Populist Extremists (CAPE). The tool will help keep track of relationships between hate groups in our country… Interested people should sign up by clicking the button below.

The CAPE application is designed to map the following dimensions geospatially:

Incident, Participant, Organization, Evidence, Contex