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Belonging: Morgane Oger at Trinity Western University's Gender Café

  • Trinity Western University Langley, BC Canada (map)

SOGI Education: a conversation around love, inclusion, and human rights.
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Morgane Oger poses at a TWU volleyball match with a OneTWU advocate

Morgane Oger poses at a TWU volleyball match with a OneTWU advocate

When children venture outside of the familiar into what is novel to them, we hope that what we taught them provides the social skills preparing them to thrive among different places and cultures than our own.  Because our nation enjoys a richness of diversity, our children need to be ready to function with others in a Canada free of deeply-held biases that risk hampering their ability to cope.

Canada explicitly prohibits discrimination on a number of bases that now include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression  These Newly-added fundamental protections present a challenge to communities who do not value or even recognize the discrimination against which the laws protect us.

After decades of anticipation, those of us who are affected by these newly-protected protections eagerly expect immediate implementation. Others who do not fully recognize these protections resist any implementation or are alarmed when unfamiliar ideas are put forward.

In some cases, the clash of expectation reaches a level of conflict that such as flared up with some groups over the SOGI resources being made available to educators and parents to help address BC Ministry of Education's Core Competencies requirements that include components on sexual orientation and gender identity at every level of the education journey, at an age-appropriate level of detail.

Morgane Oger

Morgane Oger

Award-winning transgender rights activist Morgane Oger will speak about how our human rights laws exist to assure we have a society in which everyone is included. She will paint a picture of some past and ongoing advocacy work to improve our society’s inclusion of marginalized communities including Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and non-binary, bisexual, two-spirit, and queer persons. 

Weaving in stories from her own experience in public policy advocacy, Morgane will offer a glimpse at how capacity-building, public policy change, legal tools, and education are used in conjunction when working to ensure our children are prepared for life in an inclusive Canada and protected today from bias in any of its forms.

Morgane Oger's talk will be followed by a Questions and Answers period to give the audience an opportunity to ask their own questions.

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