Our First Event: A small-group fundraiser introducing the Foundation

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Our First Event!

I'm certain I speak for the entire Morgane Oger Foundation team in thanking everyone, from the bottom of my heart, who came to Joel and Dana Solomon's home to support the Morgane Oger Foundation last night at our first ever event, an intimate party with our Vancouver supporters.

We are especially grateful to Dana Bass Solomon and Joel Solomon for inviting us all into their home for this wonderful and inspiring evening of sharing and listening to our diverse stories.

It was downright humbling to be surrounded by so much love and talent as we shared our work so far to help protect human rights and narrow the gap between our country's laws and the experience of people on the ground. Thanks to the generous support shared last night - ranging from ideas to funding and access to decision-makers and office space - will profoundly help our foundation in our work to narrow the gap between Canada's human rights laws and the experience on the ground of people in communities they are intended to protect.

Thanks to from the bottom of my heart to our staff and volunteers John Yano, Jemmy Handaya, Catherine Jenkins, Todd B Hauptman, Lydia Treadwell, Elisabeth van Assum, and Bryan McKinnon for helping the Morgane Oger Foundation pull off our first-ever event so well so we can keep doing our important work.

Human rights, once won, must be defended. Our commitment to Canadians is that we will do exactly that.

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