Morgane Oger Foundation at BC rally to support existing BC's SOGI curriculum

April 23, British Columbia: As social conservative and supremacist groups converged on the British Columbia legislature and BC Teachers Federation headquarters for a long-planned social-conservative show of force, Morgane Oger Foundation staff helped organize highly effective counter-rallies to stand up for province-wide SOGI education and send a clear message: Educators, families, and policy makers are in agreement that SOGI education is here to stay.

In both Victoria and Vancouver, fringe conservative anti-SOGI and parent-rights activists were met with diverse, multi-generational rallies representing educator organizations, mainstream political parties, advocacy and faith groups throughout the province.

Working together with community leaders, families, labour organizations, and educators, the Morgane Oger Foundation helped sent a clear message that there is no place for supremacy of any kind in British Columbia, and that when it comes to education, every student deserves and will receive the protection from discrimination that they need, no matter who they are.

Read more from local news:

"Love was in the air today as hundreds showed up to counter a right-wing demonstration against B.C.'s inclusive approach for LGBT kids." - Georgia Straight: Soldiers of Odin among those at duelling SOGI 123 rallies outside BCTF building in Vancouver

"While celebrated by LGBTQ+ and progressive groups, opposition to the [mandatory SOGI] curriculum has been vocal. Much of this has been spurred by social conservative activist Kari Simpson and her group Culture Guard, who were behind the anti-SOGI rally.

Morgane Oger organized the counter rally in support of SOGI. A prominent transgender rights activist, and possible mayoral candidate, Oger felt it was important to counter the anti-SOGI rally with one in support of gender and sexuality education in schools." - Vancouver Courrier: Dual Vancouv:er rallies face off over sex-ed curriculum

"We invited the Hells Angels, we invited anybody who has children and who has a stake in education that is opposed to SOGI is welcome to stand with us,” said Kari Simpson of the Culture Guard group." - Terrace Standard: B.C. Hells Angels invited to rally by anti-SOGI organizer

Photo credit: cited publications, Morgane Oger Foundation, Twitter